Atlassian Team 24 Decoded: Elevating Business Solutions with Atlassian's Latest Innovations

24 May, 2024

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Atlassian’s annual user event, Team 24, showcased an impressive array of updates, new products and strategic enhancements designed to empower businesses and streamline operations.

As a Platinum Solution Partner, Elegance Group is excited to leverage these advancements to offer even more comprehensive solutions to our clients to solve curly business problems.

Here’s a look at the key highlights from the event and how they will help us tackle complex business challenges.

Major Achievements and Expansions

Atlassian has hit significant milestones, including surpassing 300,000 customers globally. It has also increased user limits for their core products:

  • Confluence now supports up to 150,000 users
  • Jira can accommodate up to 50,000 users and 20,000 agents

Additionally, the number of data residency regions has grown to 11, ensuring better data compliance and performance.

Introducing Rovo: The AI Assistant

One of the standout announcements was Rovo, Atlassian’s AI assistant, which promises to revolutionize knowledge discovery and action within enterprises. Rovo integrates with both Atlassian and non-Atlassian products like Google and SharePoint, providing context-rich information and citations across your entire enterprise.

Key Features of Rovo:

  • Comprehensive Search: Enables searching across all enterprise data, not just Atlassian products
  • AI Agents: Customizable agents that can execute tasks on your behalf, accessing enterprise-wide knowledge
  • Chrome Extension: Allows interaction with AI agents outside the Atlassian suite, enhancing productivity on the go

Key Benefits: Rovo is set to save teams significant time in documentation search and retrieval, with Atlassian reporting that their own teams have saved 1-2 hours per week using Rovo.

Atlassian Guard: Enhanced Security

Atlassian Guard, the rebranded and upgraded version of Atlassian Access, introduces a premium tier with advanced security features:

  • Customizable Threat Detection: Automated recommendations for vulnerability investigation and remediation
  • Content Scanning: Alerts admins to sensitive data
  • Data Classification: Flags projects or spaces as top secret, with accompanying security policies

These enhancements ensure robust security measures are in place, providing peace of mind for our clients’ sensitive data.

Advancements Across Atlassian Products

Cloud Products:
  • Integration of Bitbucket and Trello into the admin hub, with Loom joining soon
  • Improved cross-product search experiences and natural language AI input for automation
  • Merging Jira Work Management (JWM) into Jira Software (JSW) for a unified solution
  • Enhanced dashboards and site optimization features to maintain a clean and efficient workspace
Jira Product Discovery (JPD):
  • Introduction of a premium tier with visibility across all projects, full control over rights, and AI features
Jira Service Management (JSM):
  • Enhanced automation for alerts and AI-driven ticket assignments
  • Expanded virtual agent capabilities to include third-party information
  • Integration of Optic for API auto-documentation, making Compass a crucial tool for developers
  • Focus on AI and Whiteboard features, including AI-generated cards and enhanced automation
Atlassian Analytics:
  • Ongoing improvements for richer visualizations and integration with third-party tools like PowerBI and Tableau
  • Acquired by Atlassian, Loom now offers AI-generated summaries and native integrations with Atlassian products.

And one final highlight, Atlassian University on-demand courses are now all free!


Atlassian’s latest innovations, showcased at Team 24, are set to significantly enhance how we deliver solutions to our clients. From AI-driven knowledge management with Rovo to advanced security with Atlassian Guard, these updates enable us to address curly business problems more effectively than ever before. As we integrate these new tools and features, we look forward to helping our clients achieve greater efficiency, security, and success.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore and implement these exciting developments in our projects.


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