Highlights from Atlassian Partner Cloud Equip 2024

12 June, 2024

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In the dynamic world of business solutions and cloud technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Elegance Group recently had the privilege of attending the Atlassian Partner Cloud Equip event, a two-day deep dive workshop designed exclusively for select Atlassian Solution Partners. Here’s a comprehensive look at our experience, the key takeaways, and what it means for our customers and prospects.

Why We Attended

The Atlassian Partner Cloud Equip event is tailored to enhance the capabilities of Solution Partners in selling, scoping, migrating, and adopting best practices leveraging the Atlassian platform. For Elegance Group, this event was a great opportunity to gain insights directly from Atlassian’s leading experts and to ensure we remain at the forefront of cloud technology and solutions.

Event Structure and Attendance

The two-day workshop featured a series of high-touch, deep-dive sessions and conversations with Atlassian Cloud Platform experts and migration tooling experts. The event was attended by a select group of Atlassian partners, providing an intimate setting for meaningful engagement and learning.

Key Speakers and Sessions

The event featured presentations and workshops led by Atlassian solution leaders across sales, product, and solution expertise. Some of the highlights included:

  • Updates from TEAM’24: the latest announcements and developments within the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Deep Dives into Atlassian Intelligence and Analytics: in-depth explorations of new tools and strategies to leverage data and intelligence
  • Cloud Roadmap Insights: Revealing upcoming product launches and migration tooling strategies
  • Hands-on Sessions: Focusing on pre-sales plays, tools, and the updated Cloud Blueprint workshop
  • The evolution of features and functionality on product roadmaps, current features and what Atlassian is working on in the background
  • Working with Atlassian - support in complex sales ie migrations, and how and when their teams can help you
  • Solution selling demonstrating how and where the tooling can really lay across an entire business, and you can run everything through Atlassian

Insights and Highlights from Elegance Group’s Perspective

Discovering New Opportunities

Chris from our team noted several promising developments, including the potential for creating a security check and clean-up service package, leveraging Beacon in Guard premium, and exploring the Data Lake, which houses all enterprise data assets.

Timothy Peterson, Head of Developer Experience did a live demo of building a forge app - the platform for marketplace vendors to build apps, but also for the partner engineering teams to build enhancements to the product to deliver to a specific requirement.

Networking and Collaboration

One of the most valuable aspects of the event was the opportunity to network with Atlassian personnel, other partners and in particular spend time with our own Partner Manager and Partner Managers from other regions. It was beneficial to recognize that we share a common vision for our clients and want to enhance the ways we can add value as a partner. Elegance Group isn’t the biggest of the partner network organisations but we’re always treated with the same level of engagement and commitment as everyone else. This environment facilitated productive and informal networking, further enhancing the collaborative spirit of the event.

What This Means for Our Customers and Prospects

Attending the Atlassian Partner Cloud Equip event has reinforced Elegance Group’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and maintaining strong relationships within the Atlassian ecosystem. Here’s how this benefits you:

  • Enhanced Capabilities: With new insights and tools, we can deliver more efficient and effective solutions tailored to your needs
  • Strategic Implementations: Leveraging the latest Atlassian updates and best practices, we can ensure smoother migrations and better adoption strategies
  • Innovative Offerings: Our exploration of new opportunities, like the Data Lake and security packages, means we can offer innovative services that drive process improvements and enhance security

The Atlassian Partner Cloud Equip event was an invaluable experience for Elegance Group. It not only provided us with the latest insights and tools but also strengthened our relationships within the Atlassian community and showed us how to capitalize on being a Platinum Solutions Partner to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. We are excited to translate these learnings into actionable solutions that will benefit our clients and help them achieve their business goals.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Elegance Group as we continue to leverage our expertise to solve curly business problems using Atlassian products.


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