Proud to be an Atlassian Specialized Partner in Cloud

12 December, 2023

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We are excited to have achieved the prestigious Atlassian Cloud Specialization. This accomplishment highlights our commitment to delivering top-tier cloud solutions and it positions us among the elite Atlassian partners globally.

Elegance Group is now the only partner in New Zealand with dual specializations in Cloud and ITSM, and one of five elite partners in Australia.

Ko Mistry, Atlassian’s Head of Global Channel says, “The level of commitment in the Cloud Specialization Program recognizes Atlassian Partners’ effort and dedication to delivering consistent, high-quality services to optimize a customer’s experience and success.”

Why This Specialization Matters

Being recognized as an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner means that we have demonstrated deep knowledge, extensive experience and a track record of success in migrating and managing Atlassian cloud environments. This specialization is a validation of our ability to solve curly business problems and support complex business needs with high-quality, reliable services.

What This Means for Our Customers

Our specialization in Cloud is not just a badge of honour; it translates to tangible benefits for our customers:

Expertise in Migration: We excel in migrating from Atlassian’s on-prem solutions to the cloud, as well as migrating from other tools to the Atlassian cloud suite. Our approach starts with a thorough Solution Design exercise to fully understand your specific challenges and objectives. This ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

Reduced Risk and Downtime: Migrations can be complex, with potential risks and downtime. Our team’s extensive experience and expertise allow us to navigate these complexities, reducing risks and ensuring a seamless migration process. We pride ourselves on making the transition as effortless as possible for our clients.

Comprehensive Support: Post-migration, we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself. We handle licensing, provide training, and offer post-release support. This ensures that the migration delivers the expected value and that your team is fully equipped to leverage the new cloud environment.

Case Study: Kordia’s Success Story

A great example of our expertise is the server-to-cloud migration Elegance Group conducted for Kordia. This migration not only saved Kordia $100,000 USD but also mitigated risks associated with data loss, workforce interruptions, and unforeseen complexities. Our strategic approach ensured a successful transition with significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

Looking Forward

Brett Celliers, Founder and Director says, “Achieving the Atlassian Cloud Specialization underscores our dedication to delivering consistent, high-quality services that optimize customer satisfaction and outcomes. We look forward to leveraging this specialization to continue driving success for our clients across the APAC region.”

Together with Atlassian, Elegance Group is ready to help your business soar to new heights in the cloud.


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