Atlassian Cloud (Cloud Myths)

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As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we understand that many companies are hesitant to move to Cloud owing to a lack of reliable information. Together with Atlassian, we have debunked eight common misunderstandings about Cloud migration in order to allow organisations to make well-informed decisions.

By addressing concerns ranging from security and performance to vendor lock-in, this comprehensive debunking aims to provide clarity and dispel misconceptions associated with the cloud.

Key Topics:

  • Breaking down misconceptions about Cloud security
  • How Cloud improves performance over on-premises
  • Tackling myths about apps in the Cloud
  • Top 3 myths about change management in the Cloud
  • Truths about data management in the Cloud
  • How admin roles change in Cloud (and why that’s great!)
  • Customising your Cloud instance
  • How enterprises leverage Cloud to scale

Our goal in refuting these prevalent misconceptions is to provide enterprises with factual information, allowing them to make educated decisions about Cloud migration. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we provide experience and assistance to organisations in efficiently navigating the Cloud landscape and reaping its multiple benefits.