Guide to Multi-instance Model with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

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This whitepaper highlights how we can assist organisations in harnessing the full potential of multiple instances through Atlassian’s Cloud Enterprise plan. By leveraging this partnership, organisations gain access to a wide range of capabilities and features to meet their diverse requirements and address specific scenarios across departments, governance, growth, security, compliance, and data management.

Key Topics:

  • Separate Departments and Governance: Allows enterprises to set up independent instances, supporting up to 35,000 Jira users and 50,000 Confluence users on a single instance.
  • Growth through Acquisition and Collaboration: Organisations may easily integrate new acquisitions and cooperate with external stakeholders.
  • External User Security and Collaboration: Organisations can implement robust security measures and facilitate secure collaboration with external users in Confluence.
  • Advanced Compliance and Data Management: Organisations are able to meet advanced compliance requirements specific to their industries and geographies.

As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we can help empower organisations to leverage multiple instances through Atlassian’s Cloud Enterprise plan. With support for large user counts, advanced security, collaboration with external stakeholders, compliance measures, and robust data management capabilities, organisations can achieve seamless operations, enhanced productivity, and scalable growth.