JSM: Providing A Seamless Remote Employee Experience

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This whitepaper explores how Jira Service Management (JSM), a comprehensive service desk solution, can effectively address the challenges faced by organisations transitioning to a remote workforce.

We highlight the role of conversational ticketing in streamlining HR and operational processes, managing increased help desk complexity, and enhancing overall productivity and collaboration. We understand that organisations have encountered several obstacles such as communication barriers, reduced visibility, and increased ticket volumes.

The whitepaper emphasises how leveraging Jira Service Management’s conversational ticketing capabilities can help organisations overcome these challenges.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplicity: Simpler and easier for employees to access due to single sign-on and no context switching. Mobile device access included.
  • Speed: Much faster resolution of tickets - changing from days to hours.
  • Productivity: Faster resolution of tickets leads to increased employee productivity.
  • Volume: Reduce the amount of follow-up tickets.

By facilitating collaboration, improving efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and providing comprehensive visibility, organisations can adapt to the remote work environment effectively and drive successful outcomes.